Let the rain wash away the evidence.

It had been raining for 5 hours straight, the streets were flooded, the buses were late, the trains were held up. Everyone was tired and hoping to get home as soon as possible. Teresa was one of the few who was actually enjoying the rain. She loved to feel the drops of water on her face and she loved the way the plants seemed so green. Today was no different, her college had ended and she happily skipped along the road letting the rain wash over her. Her friend Tommy, wasn’t joining in her pleasure, he seemed morose and silent. Teresa looked at him questioningly.

” What’s wrong Tom-tom?” She asked.

“Nothing.” He said slowly, enunciating each syllable. “Do you remember that we stood here, in exactly this spot last monsoon, and I told you that I loved you?”

“Uh.. yeah. I remember.” Teresa said uncomfortably.

Tommy walked towards her slowly, his dark eyes seemed even darker than usual and there was a certain look in his eyes, that Teresa just couldn’t put her finger on.

“What’s with you Tom-tom?” She asked him curiously.

“Nothing, at least not anymore.” He said, as a slow smile came on his face. “All my problems end now.”

Saying that, he lunged at her and caught her by the neck. He slammed her body down on the ground and elbowed her in the stomach. She struggled to free herself but she was feeling light-headed, she couldn’t breathe and she had begun panicking. With a spurt and a jerk, she suddenly lay still, with Tommy’s hands still around her throat.

“I was worth more than anybody else in your life, you were nothing without me. This will teach you not to pass up on good things.”

With shivering hands, he brushed her hair behind her face and kissed her cheek.

The next day, in the Times journal.

Two bodies found at Crimson park.

                   A terrible tragedy rocked Crimson Avenue on the evening of August 4th when two bodies, one female and one male were found, lying facing each other, at crimson park. The people who found the bodies were four college students out for a stroll. The distraught teenagers were unavailabe for comment. The police state that one body seemed to posess signs of strangulation. The autopsies showed that the woman had put up a fight, since there were multiple cuts on her body. The man, on the other hand, had cyanide in his system. Evidence leads us to conclude that the man had strangled the woman in the heat of the moment and had committed suicide shortly after. A connection has yet to be established between them.

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