Faith: Blind or Bold?

There are some of us that laugh

At those who blindly have faith.

Over dinner table conversations

Claiming to speak on reality’s behalf


We question ‘till they cannot answer

Acting entitled to this cruelty

Because we have proof, evidence.

They take it with the grace of a dancer,


Or not. Either way, we act wrong

Not stopping to consider

The high ground we walk on

Is false, that maybe they too are strong.


They have no proof of god, right?

Then what courage must it take,

To trust in something you cannot see

To find, in an empty void, light.


Would you jump from a roof,

Not knowing if the mat below

Would catch you, or if it was even there?

Hold that courage up against our proof.


3 thoughts on “Faith: Blind or Bold?

  1. No, I would not jump from a roof if I had no proof of anything being there to catch me . I need security, and safety before jumping. It is not being foolish, but safe.

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