The Man pulling the Strings

The man pulling the strings.

With a smile on his face,

and a glint in his eyes,

he keeps up his pace,

with our posts and replies.

He works all the time for,

the good of us all.

He always gives us more,

that sacrifice isn’t small.

He’s a beautiful soul at heart,

just praising the Lord,

and we should do our part,

to thank him aloud.

Thank you Ngobesing Romanus for giving us all a chance to be a part of your work.‎♥

2 thoughts on “The Man pulling the Strings

  1. This touches my heart. Thank you so much, sweet friend; and thanks to all the others for joining me to build something for all of us. My dream has been to come together with some people who love people to build something that helps people. May God continue to bless our work!

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