If you want to be the best

If you want to be the best;
There is nothing wrong with that;
And nothing is impossible about it too;
There is one way to be the best;
And one way only:
Work for it;
It will not come on its own;
No one will hand it to you;
You have to decide it’s what you want;
And then you work for it.
It’s waiting for you;
It waits for everyone who so desires;
You can be the best.

One thought on “If you want to be the best

  1. Yes, let’s go!! 🙂

    Missing all of you talented people!!

    Sorry I haven’t been on as much.. I will be trying to catch up on everyone’s blog posts in the next week or so…

    Have a wonderful day!!

    Pay kindness forward!!

    Kind Regards and sunshine abounds – K

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