South Africa: what’s happening there?

Do you know what is happening to Nelson Mandela’s party in South Africa? Nelson Mandela lifted the ANC virtually to the sky and it freed the country from Apartheid. Then, it was the darling of the country and Africa.

Nelson Mandela is resting peacefully in the world beyond; but what is happening to his party. How did they perform in the recent local elections?

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  1. Well, that is popular belief but devoid of truth. Please read my posts on the subject. He twice rejected democracy after whites voted to end apartheid as far back as 1983! He was not fighting against apartheid but for a communist dictatorship. Twenty thousand died as a result, mostly blacks. At time of his death, he was a listed communist. He stamped out democracy as we see at Luthuli House massacre. What about torture camps? Please get the actual facts straight. I placed links with proof in my posts.

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