Blogging Coup d’Etat

Is a blogging Coup d’Etat possible?
Can one be ousted from one’s blog
By another to take over the blog
And keep the rightful owner out
gnashing their teeth in the cold?
Can WordPress stand by and see this happen
To any of its bloggers?
This is a question that comes to my mind;
For while there are good people,
There are dubious people;
Some want to reap where they did not sow;
But honorable and powerful WordPress
Will definitely fight to protect
Their bloggers if such were attempted;
What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Blogging Coup d’Etat

  1. I have never heard of such a thing!! I wouldn’t think WP would step in. But I would think that the original blogger could shut their blog down or block the blogger?? my heart is in the wrong place to think of such sadness and cruelty! goodness don’t give anyone any ideas.. insert chuckle and finger nail biting here!!

    Kind Regards and yikes – K

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