Feeling a lil’ creative? Have you tried this week’s writing challenge?

I hope you’ve seen it or know about them? You really should try them- MiracleGirl challenges. It’s week #9, I found out about them at week #2.   For week #9’s writing prompt challenge, I continued the short story I wrote  way back for  the challenge she set for week #4. The word prompt Miracle gave us for week #4  was ”everyone has a dark-side, he doesn’t show his.”If  you’d like to read the start of the story for that week’s challenge click here. Below is my  continued story for week #9 using this week’s word prompts.

Write a short story using the prompt sentence : ” Truth or dare” he asked

The sight of blood on my left breast put me in a state of total shock .I  remember I looked at this freak of a guy who I loved so much, and wondered exactly what he meant  by ”the freaks come out at night.” For a full thirty seconds we stared at each other, looking deeply into each other’s souls asking questions with our eyes. The air  was still and misty with our hot breath, as it met the cold night air.  He broke the silence first, ”it’s Halloween, lighten up!” he was all smiles as if nothing happened.

”Are you crazy? Do you know what you just did?, You bit me Stephen.” My voice came out like a high pitched squeak. ” C’mon Jade, I know you like it rough I was just playing.” I raised my eyebrows at him. “Rough? Stephen there’s rough and there’s rooouuuugh and that is not my thing.” I turned my back and started to walk away, I was cold my Halloween costume did nothing to shield me from the cold night air,  I wrapped my cape around me and head back inside. I glanced over my shoulder at Stephen, he stood with his back turned to me looking up at the moon. Crazy ass mother ****** is all I could think, but I loved that man he was my crazy ass.


As I entered the party,I was glad for the warmth and normality of loud music and people having a good time. I’d been seeing Stephen for almost a year, I liked him … a lot, but something was a little off with him. He had a dark side, I knew it, I could feel it and tonight he definitely showed it.

If you’d like to read the full story, just a few more paragraphs  visit my blog here 

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7 thoughts on “Feeling a lil’ creative? Have you tried this week’s writing challenge?

  1. Oh wow…this is really good Kim.. Would love to join the writing challenge but dunno if with !y busy schedule I’ll be able. Well, we shall see. Just keep up with the creative stories😊

  2. I have done them each week!!

    She is so clever.. I truly like her clever ideas!! 🙂

    thank you for sharing this..

    Miracle is well… A gem!!

    thought i was going to say a Miracle (tho she is) didn’t you?? tee hee.. 🙂

    Kind Regards and loving it – K

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