Thanks so much…

Thanks so much for all the well wishes for those that read my blog. Can’t really write too much but Thank God I am sitting upright!! I have also had very good tips and advice from cyberspace about Diverticulitis. This is my fourth bout of it. I am scheduled for doctors and tests and maybe surgery but it’s in the future, not now. However, it takes a long time to heal, to eat bland foods (I don’t want to Eat Anything)!! I am very weak and don’t feel good and very aggravated that I can’t do what I want to do!! sheesh

You would have thought that I would have worked on my book on the good ole laptop but when one is so sick, and then so sick again from the medicine and then just exhausted from being exhausted, one can’t Think About Writing and that’s a shame, but there it is.

One thing I can say is that Diverticulitis punched Anxiety in the face, so no anxiety!! Too sick, how ’bout that?

I appreciate my beloved followers who have kept up the faith, given tips, and prayed. What a wonderful community!! I am honored and humbled.

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