Jealous or inspired?

When you see someone
Shining and sparkling,
Are you jealous or
You are inspired?
You may become jealous;
Or you may be inspired;
What a vast difference!
Inspiration is what should fill
Our hearts
When we see someone shining
And sparkling;
For when we are inspired
By what others do,
We are likely to do our own;
But when we let jealousy or envy
Take hold of us,
Our own creativity does not flourish;
Instead, it is stifled.


9 thoughts on “Jealous or inspired?

  1. I’m usually very inspired and even if the person wrote on a topic I wanted to write on, it just gives me more ideas and I can adjust my work. Truth is many people can write about one thing but our way of expression are different so no need to get jealous. We are all different. Appreciate when you notice someone else shinning. You’ll grow.😊

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