Once She Knew Me

Somehow her heart knew, I was someone special,

But her head could not place from whence we met.

On my weekly visits, off to the garden we’d venture

For I knew from my lifelong upbringing,

Her love of flowers, birds and all things nature.

Down the hallways we often skipped and danced,

Singing little ditties, whilst holding hands.

Her soul was that of a free spirited teenager.

And she was the happiest girl of all.


As sundown time each day arrived

She anxiously awaited the doors to open

In the parking lot, they  must sit awaiting,

Her parents in their horse drawn sleigh, 

To take her home to the old farmstead.

Alas, she was 94 and it was I who knew

They had long since gone away.

But none of that did she believe.

Once that time of day had passed.

She remained the happiest girl of all.


My children knew her as Grandma

And together many a cookie they once did bake.

Both,  fondly remember family dinners and

Numerous hours of Swimming in Grammie’s pool.

Evenings filled of scrabble, boggle and croquet, then 

Prior to going home, another splash to keep them cool.

Their pictures were proudly displayed upon her wall

But their names, she simply could not recall.

And she remained the happiest girl of all.


I remember on one fateful day

It was my place to carry somber news

About my older brothers passing.

I sat her down and explained it all 

How he’d lost his short battle to cancer.

Immediately after, she asked me how he was.

Choking back my tears, while my heart was breaking,

My reply, the standard, “he’s doing just fine.”

And she remained the happiest girl of all.



There are many times in life,  we must remember,

things that seem tragic or terribly sad

may be blessings in disguise. 

Even though my mom had full blown alzheimer’s

for 4 years. She never had to endure the pain of

burying a second child.  My brother was not the

first. She did not suffer any medical issues

with the disease, except the total loss of memory,

Heck, the only medication she took was a mild

depression pill and an aspirin now and then. 

 A few months after her 94th birthday,

when she lay down to take her afternoon nap,

she simply went to sleep, peacefully.

That, my friends is what I call a true blessing.


Kind Regards and feeling grateful – K


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