Caste your net deep

If you keep floating
At the surface of our relationship,
Scratching the surface
Instead of digging deep inside
You will never know the love
That’s buried in your heart for me;
Neither will you know the love
That is buried
Deeply in me for you;
How can you haul out a full net of fish
If you only cast your net at the surface
Of the sea?
The biblical fishermen wasted all day
And got nothing until they caste
Their nets deep;
Caste your net deep;
What matters is not what lies
At the surface;
You dig deep to mine gold;
Deep below the surface is an oil well
You can strike;
You touch the human heart,
Only when you go beyond the surface.

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    • Yes Sharmishtha. It’s moving again. But you can’t believe that for about three days I was completely shut out. I had to device a means to get back in. Ever since it’s okay. We have to be alert. Thanks for your concern. I have not published your Friday article on Success Inspirers’ World because I traveled. Just arrived a new town. Will edit and publish shortly – the hours ahead.

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