Stop chasing the wrong stuff

Sitting on my bed as usual at past midnight cuz I can’t find sleep and it hits me: why am I worrying so much? I don’t own all the problems in the world so why all the stressing? Even if I did, am I really all alone in this? Lately I have been trying so much to get people’s attention, to make them understand how much I love them and I don’t want them to leave my side etc. And what did I get in return? Being ignored and just feeling less loved and empty. Meanwhile in the same process, I had people around who were giving me a helping hand but I was too blind to see; simply because I was focusing on the wrong stuff.

Moral of my thinking: Let go of what you can’t change and remember that, you can’t change any human;only GOD can. You are not even responsible for their actions and behaviors. They alone are. So instead of trying to fit in their lives, appreciate the lives you already have around you. If they don’t see your worth now, maybe they will later on. They might not even see it later and it’s ok. It just simply means they aren’t meant to be in yours.

Live now, worry less, enjoy time with family, friends and those who truly love you. Stop chasing people and let things unfold by themselves. You’ll be at peace. Have a great day. God bless.

Yours truly, Sammy J.

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