Stop discouraging me!

If you are not ready to make it big, do not discourage me when you see me fighting to make it big.

I am ready to make it big. I do not see why I shouldn’t. I came into this world for big things, just like every other person; and while some people are making it big, I cannot short sell myself.

I am determined to make it big. If you want to do like me, you are welcome. We can both make it big.

If, unfortunately, you have but a small mind and think you are not meant for big things, please, stop discouraging those with great minds who want to make it big.

How long it takes for me to make it big does not matter. It may take me longer than others; but I will arrive. We each have our paths. Some arrive early, some arrive late.What matters is to arrive; and arrive, I will.


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