Are you blogging for fun?

We do have different reasons for blogging, don’t we? If you are blogging just for fun or to share your ideas and lift up others,not to build a blog or website, I am interested in you.

If you post some of your posts here, then they will be read by more people. So, why not publish on this website and see how it works out.

Even if you are out to build your blog and let it make money for you,this site is still for you. Post here and create a greater impact on the blogosphere. It’s easy post here.

Send me word Let me know you want to be publishing on Success Inspirers’ World.

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13 thoughts on “Are you blogging for fun?

  1. I started blogging about 8 months ago. I am a college student, and I had a class called business stats where we had to do a scientific survey of the student body and analyze the data. So, we decided to see how financially literate our student body was…and the results were shocking.

    Although our students were taking on an average of almost $80,000 in debt over their four years in college, our study showed that almost none of the student body, including business students, would know how to deal with that debt once they graduated, much less know how to finance a house, deal with debt, or invest!

    So, with that in mind, I decided to start The Wise Money Manager because I knew that people of all ages, not just college students, desperately needed advice that could help them navigate personal finance while having fun. So far, it’s been pretty successful!

  2. I am new at the blogging game.. I am a representative for an MLM company and it is the great way to get word out that the company is still in business and a viable source for product as well as income.. I agree with your other blogger that “WordPress is fun and writing practice with a snapshot of personal ramblings”. I like the atmopshere of the people that have joined so far to follow me and how they seem to have common engagement purpose.. I would love to be part of your blogging idea for fun and I look forward to networking with others soon.

  3. I just returned to blogging after a prolonged break. I blog to self-express and linking to other blogs may be something to consider once I am settled back into the blogging world. Thank you for the opportunity,

  4. Originally I started blogging for fun on Livejournal and it soon became a way to catch up with a couple of international friends. Then after a while I took a break foe nearly six years. Then for health reasons I started to blog again as I felt it a good output for my thoughts. After that it become a bit of both being a outlet for my thoughts and a bit of fun once I transferred over to WordPress. WordPress is fun and writing practice with a snapshot of my personal ramblings. LJ is still my serious outlet for my thoughts and is friends only blog.

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