Borderline Personality: 2 for 1

Please, let me help,

Darling, stop your tears,

I’ll bandage your knee,

Don’t think of your fears.

I feel your pain and want it to stop.

Let me take your weight,

My shoulders miss it,

We must be fate!


Please, go away,

God, I know what you think,

I’ll let your wounds weep

Like I will, after I drink.

I am hurting but just don’t care.

Let me flip a table,

Break your fucking legs,

Yes, You say, Unstable!


Oh my god,

What have I done

I love you my dear

You are the only one.

Please let me fix it,

Don’t leave me alone

This guilt I feel,

So familiar, but recently unknown.


Ha, you laugh at me

But I know you are leaving,

I see it in your eyes,

As I spit curses, chest heaving.

I will never be enough,

Whatever you pretend,

You must have problems

But this probably isn’t the end.


What the hell,

I’m so confused,

These bombs come and go

Leaving me bruised.

I’m hurting you,

I’m living wrong.

I’ve been so confused

For far too long.

I can’t say without guilt

Or explain not in vain

The way two minds

Share my one brain!


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