Will you pick a fight with me?

Let’s think about something. Life is full of odd contradictions and I’d like some help figuring them out. Here are a few things that I’ve been wondering about and I’d like to pose these questions to you people! Hopefully it will impact many, (talk about the reach!).

1) If someone describes themselves as humble, are they really being humble?

2) If a person who is a Dwarf, is taller than most dwarves, then would you consider them to be tall?

3) If you replace a computer with new parts everytime it gets spoilt, until none of the original parts are left, does it still remain the same computer?

4)Why musn’t you judge a book by its cover, when an entire summary is presented at the back of each book?

 5) Is your perception of the world ever going to be an accurate perception of the world? If you answer is ‘no’ then, would truth vary with regards to your perception?

I’d love to hear your ideas and opinions on these questions.

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7 thoughts on “Will you pick a fight with me?

  1. 1. Probably. Its not arrogant or egotistical to have a clear view of yourself. Plus, most behaviors and personalities exist on a spectrum. So really, it is just a question of HOW humble this person is and that just depends on who is asking the question.

    2. Exists on spectrum. Again, depends on who is asking the question.

    3. A bit more abstract but yes, so long as the understanding of the original design is preserved. Heart transplant recipients are still the same people. Perhaps just a bit more functional afterward. Is a fully cyborg man, still a man. Yes, a man with mechanical parts. The understanding of the original design is preserved.

    4. Literally speaking or metaphorically? This question isn’t clear about what it is asking.

    5. Yes. Accurate perception simply requires understanding. The words and definitions vary that attempt to describe it which blur the raw reality of it, and that would change the ‘truth’ of it. But only for people who place importance on the words and definitions rather than understanding.

    All of these questions can easily be answered once you reverse the process in which you approach them.

    You approach them starting with the word (The map) and end up in reality (The territory).

    But reality comes first (The territory) and the word/definition then attempts to describe it. (The map)

    You can have understanding without the existence of words / language.

    Words simply ‘point’ to a real thing that exists in the world. Then the word tries to describe the set of patterns or phenomena in a certain language.

    This reversal of the process is only happening because people get caught up in the map and forget that it is not an accurate perception of the territory in question.

    • That was very well said!
      I agree with most of your ideas especially the 5th point.
      I agree that many of my questions here were very surface based but mainly posted to make people wonder about something.
      With regards to the 4th question, it was an attempt to question the idea behind the metaphor.
      Thanks for commenting, I really appreciate your points. 😃

  2. If a person describes themselves as humble, they may not know they are not humble. Pride goes before a fall. The humble, humble themselves before the Lord. Otherwise the humble may be poor as dirt. God looks with compassion on the poor, especially when they cry for help. I know. I have been there when we had nothing. I have been there when we had plenty. Poverty is a word that is actually two-sided. I would rather be poor, and know God, than to be wealthy and run the risk of losing sight of Him. We choose daily to deny Him, or love Him. God is good, and if we are well-know, and full of riches, that too, is His grace.

  3. 4) There is not a summary on the back its a teaser, and you should never trust anything that is designed to sell.
    5) All perception is learned interpretation of sensory input. We’ll never know anything!

    • Yes very true, that’s a good point to make about the books.
      It’s scary to think that we’ll never know anything completely.
      Also, I appreciate you commenting on this 🙂

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