Hang on

Your D-day is coming;
That’s the day you’ve been waiting for;
It may be much nearer than you realize;
The breakthrough you’ve been praying for
May be right at the corner;
The dream you’ve been pursuing
May be a stone throw from you;
Hang on until it comes.


7 thoughts on “Hang on

  1. Ok I will try. It’s a fight though. I want to do one thing but men in my life like my brother in law and you day not to search for him. I try every day to do what is right.

  2. But what about that scripture that says ask and you shall receive. I asked God if he will let me look for him….even after I said I would not search for him. There is something that I read this morning….”If you ask anything in my name the father will give it to you.”. I only want to be his friend. He was one of the few men in my life who wanted to talk to me. And God brought us together for a short time twenty years ago and I shared my faith with him. And out of that whole room full of people he was the only one who believed . He was a good listener, this quietman. That’s what I call him.

    • If he is yours by divine right, God will bring Him to you without your worrying or being anxious. If you believe Him, trust that He will give you all that is good for you according to his judgement not yours. You see with human eyes and see what may be bad to be good and what may be good to be bad. He sees with Godly eyes which are always right.

  3. Oh I needed to hear this this morning! I needed to hear this. But I told God I would not seek him whom my soul loveth, that I would not give myself over to finding this man whom I love. Instead I would pursue being passionate for the Lord. I will delight myself in the Lord. Is it wrong to love someone and want to see them again and talk to them again? But if I let myself I would be consumed with trying to find him. The Lord brought us back together again before and I didn’t even realize it was him. He can do it again. That is my dream, but for now I must delight myself in the Lord and let him be my obsession, and in so doing he will bring it to pass.

    • Some great one has said “If you love something set it free if it comes back it is yours; if it doesn’t it never was.” Set it free; and set your mind free. If he is yours he’ll come back. Read my poem.

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