Wasted talents abound

Wasted talents abound in the world;
Great wasted talents;
Just as talents abound;
Talents are wasted;
Talents are found in all fields;
You are a talent;
But are you aware?
Many are not aware they are talents;
Undiscovered, unexploited;
How sad to find a talent that is wasted;
Do not waste your talent!
Do not be a wasted talent;
Exploit your talent!

6 thoughts on “Wasted talents abound

  1. The birth of light, the dawn arrives, and forms within our sight, the darkness grieves, the shadows lead a path that will invite. The dusk will view, the daylights true conception of the night.We travel on to where we long for starlight that is bright.

    • I do agree with the writing’s theme. So much talent is wasted. Many think nothing to the talent they have to do certain things. It is easy for them, and they don’t know that for others it is hard. I love good art, but for every piece that turns out so you can tell what it is, there is someone who has spent hours getting their art to that perfect place.
      I found someone who could draw anything, and wouldn’t. He did take second looks at my art, and at times he would carry a piece home with him. I let him. Then I stopped drawing, and doing the art.

      Well I am starting again on Thursday. I think it is time to pick up the brushes, and paint like everything. I am usually tired from cooking, but painting will keep my mind with me longer as I grow older. Yes, I am getting older, but I do love to paint what I see. At other times I like to paint what is in my heart, in my imagination. It is a good thing to allow your heart, and your head to get together to do an art piece. Why not? The geniuses won’t pick up a brush, so I will. Smile.

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