Hear us, O Lord

O how  we love you Lord

On bent knees we pray

Ready to lie prostrate before you,

You Our Redeemer and Our Saviour,

When O Lord would the answers come,

For we seek it from none else,

But you,to satisfy our needs,

Hear us knocking, knocking,

Open the shut gates to us,

Hear us O Lord. Amen.


Written by Guest Author for Success Inspirers’ World




7 thoughts on “Hear us, O Lord

  1. The heavens magic from above bestows our world in light, in life upon eternities we travels with the night. Whats fleeting may in all religion pave our measured means, our wishes cast in all that’s vast, in endless turning dreams.

      • The stars above all envy pave the distance they’ll enchant, onto the tides tomorrows lives will witness at a glance. The sunlight in our reason touches, images persuade, the conscience means within our dreams in mind of what is made. Our heavens sent the angels heading more to the replies, the magic in the moonlight given, more was our surprise., the wonder in our living world reflects not to confuse, the spirit in the gift of chance that’s lit upon our views.

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