Scared of ghosts?

Do you like ghosts or you fear ghosts?
Give me your reasons;
I fear ghosts;
I really get scared of ghosts;
They come from the land of the dead;
When I was a kid, I heard many
Frightful stories about ghosts;
They have never left me;
Each time I think of them
I get scared;
What of you?
Are you scared of ghosts?
Did your parents talk about ghosts
To you when you were young?
Tell me what ghosts mean to you.

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7 thoughts on “Scared of ghosts?

  1. The Philippines has a very rich and intricate and beautiful mythology and lore of ghosts, monsters, and ghouls. It is part of our culture and heritage to both fear and revere the spirits. I love ghosts!

  2. I believe in ghosts and have seen them. That doesn’t mean that seeing them doesn’t scare me. My psychiatrists have tried to blame my psychosis for my belief in ghosts. Am I psychotic or do I see ghosts? Don’t know how to answer that one.

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