Be the sun and shine!

I like you to be the sun;
If you cannot be the sun,
Be the moon;
And if you cannot be the moon,
Be a star;
Ask me why;
Because I like you to shine;
I like you to shine like the sun;
And if you cannot shine like the sun,
Shine like the moon;
And if you cannot shine like the moon,
Shine like a a star;
All is that you should shine;
Whether you are shinning like the sun
Or like the moon
Or like a star;
You should shine!

Daily Prompt

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4 thoughts on “Be the sun and shine!

  1. The dawn will rise, upon the skies, in views that have begun, the morning wakes the journey breaks a rest to carry on. The daylight settles to be cast and open minds to change, in light upon the born horizons thought upon the range.

  2. You’ve Come Very Far

    When you shine like the sun,
    You can have so much fun,
    That you couldn’t before,
    From behind a closed door.

    When you shine like the moon,
    Take a delicate swoon,
    In soft moonbeams glow,
    So we all come to know,
    That your talent is deep,
    It could soon make us weep,
    With your visions revealed,
    They’re no longer concealed.

    When you shine like a star,
    You shine from afar,
    So the whole world sees,
    Something bright that can please.

    So shine away, Sun
    So shine away, Moon
    So shine away, Star
    You’ve come very far.

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