I always do this

I always do this

Cry whenever things go wrong

I always do this

Isolate myself when I’m down

I always do this

Start with all my bad scenarios in my head..

But what I do the most,

Is wanting to give up on everything right now

Why? Because I see the road is too long

And it being so impossible

This may be my last post

Until I have a change of heart

Because I don’t feel like moving on again

I’m good at talking to others

But can’t talk to myself.

The pain is just too much.

Maybe I should just let everything go

But it means everything would have been in vain.

I won’t have a story to tell again

I won’t be able to share my experiences

I will be forgotten.

And I don’t want that…

But I can’t help but breakdown.

Please don’t judge me…

I’m only human.


8 thoughts on “I always do this

  1. The shadows step within the daylight creeping in effect, the darkness will conform reflections travel will project, the light defines the reasons find, the entities are vast, enormous is the hand of grace that’s felt upon the past.

      • Gives a modern classical kind of feel to concepts, and I love timing, even when you walk in the city and pace yourself at a good step so you can walk at everyone’s step and be at pace with yourself and others. I love that, and mystery, I think if you could know all the future, it may help a bit, but in the long run, would take the surprise and the pleasure out of things “although being 1 up may help reflect that idea in hindsight of another thought?”

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