Lovely poem by Charles E. Waugh

See how beautiful this is. I found it in my comment box and gave it the title LOVELY POEM by Charles E. Waugh. Kindly tell me how you find it.

You’ve Come Very Far
When you shine like the sun,
You can have so much fun,
That you couldn’t before,
From behind a closed door.
When you shine like the moon,
Take a delicate swoon,
In soft moonbeams glow,
So we all come to know,
That your talent is deep,
It could soon make us weep,
With your visions revealed,
They’re no longer concealed.
When you shine like a star,
You shine from afar,
So the whole world sees,
Something bright that can please.
So shine away, Sun
So shine away, Moon
So shine away, Star
You’ve come very far.

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2 thoughts on “Lovely poem by Charles E. Waugh

  1. Thank you so much for blogging my comment. I think it reads a little better with proper breaks in the lines. I don’t know if these showed in your comment. Blessings to you, as always.

    • Thank you for liking it Charles. You can see a lot of people like it too. Don’t forget you are an author on this site; so you can edit it anyway you like and republish. Great day to you.

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