MOM: Why you need to Netflix this.

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                               Recently I’ve been hooked onto this show called ‘Mom’. It is centered around Anna Faris and Allison Janney who play a dysfunctional mother/daughter duo as ‘Christy Plunkett’ and ‘Bonnie Plunkett’.

The story revolves around Christy’s struggle to overcome her alcoholic tendencies and make a better life for her daughter Violet (Sadie Calvano), and her son Roscoe(Blake Garrett Rosenthal). Bonnie, on the other hand is feisty and accepts her past life that is wracked with drug abuse, stints in rehab and her run-ins with the law.

                         Both women become a part of an AA group as they struggle to remain sober. Through this they manage to get support and meet people who get them through times of strife. Through the AA group we are brought into contact with new characters and some interesting stories to boot. Each episode follows new aspects of Christy and Bonnie’s lives and their struggle to overcome all the difficulties that come their way, all while trying to remain up-beat (which they manage to do by being sarcastic).

                          Not only are the lives of the characters cautionary tales, but it also makes for some interesting viewing and is definitely not your typical run of the mill t.v show. The show, as it progresses, brings to light important social issues such as  alcoholism, teen pregnancy, homelessness, gambling addictions, death and drug addiction, which is very eye-opening.
Watch out for some good times, some bad times and some awkwardly hilarious scenes all piled high with sarcasm and innuendos that you cannot escape!


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