Where I stand at the moment

When I got up in the morning today,
Many thoughts reeled through my mind,
First, I pondered on the day ahead;
I wondered what treasure God had
In His treasure chest for me;
As I flashed my eyes on a neighboring hill,
I saw a bush fire raging like the waves
Of an angry ocean;
I could hear its crackle and roar;
And see columns of smoke rolling
Up in the sky, the air simmering and trembling;
All types of birds hovered overhead,
Apparently watching and waiting to devour
Some panic-stricken life creatures
Racing from the burning bush,
For dear life.
It dawned on me life was a struggle;
That I was not alone to face challenges;
Everywhere others are braving them
To lead the life gifted to them;
There and then I resolved to be strong;
To make the most of my opportunities;
That is where I stand at the moment;
That is what I got into the world with today.


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