Opportunities revisited

I’ve talked about opportunities already,
But I am not done with that yet;
I don’t like to see you or anyone else
Wasting opportunities;
Or steeping over opportunities;
How then will you make it?
Opportunities are the stepping-stones
To success or achievement;
And so you don’t waste them;
Or skip them;
You grab them firmly;
And do not let them go
Until you are satisfied
You’ve had what you want.
You see,
I can talk on and on about opportunity;
I remember telling you before;
There are opportunities everywhere;
I even said if you didn’t seize them,
Another would.
Because we just let them slip through our fingers;
And often we only realize when it’s too late;
Do you recall what I said about opportunities
Being on the move?
Friend, three things to add to all that I’ve said and to this:
Stop wasting opportunity;
Stop skipping opportunity;
Stop letting opportunity slip through your fingers.

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