If only you had held on

As I look at people around me,
I see many who would have made it big
If only they had held on;
Sadly they didn’t;
They gave up too early;
When I consider where I am today,
Imagine what would have happened
Had I abandoned this site,
When I wasn’t finding it easy!
I wouldn’t have been where I am today;
Sometimes, the future looks distant;
Sometimes it looks bleak;
Sometimes it look unattainable;
And you have a strong temptation to give up;
Please, don’t;
Keep at it;
A time will come when you will be happy
You did not give up;
Let it not be said tomorrow that
If only you had held on.

6 thoughts on “If only you had held on

  1. Steps of time regard our motions, reasons will persuade, the relevance in meaning and the notion to be brave. Our special travels, truths unfold, in journey to our faith, we set upon the wheels of timing thoughtful in our grace.

  2. One of the most inspirational thing I have gone through today. πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚
    It’s one’s ‘not-giving-up’ attitude only, which makes him different from others.
    When you feel you can’t hold on anymore, that’s the point when you need to make your tightest grip to hold on. πŸ™‚

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