Youth the future!

If you are still in your youth,
Let me talk to you;
Your youth is an important period
In your life;
When you have to start
Setting up the pillars of the edifice
Of your life;
Don’t waste your youth!
If you waste your youth,
You waste your life;
And if you lay a solid foundation
For your life in your youth
You will have a successful
And enjoyable life;
Take time to think about your life;
Which direction to follow;
What your destination will be;
And how you will get there;
As soon as that is done,
Let your journey begin.
I believe in the you, youth;
You are the future of the world.

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7 thoughts on “Youth the future!

  1. Time is cast in passageways and hallways of the mind, the point of travel to the pace, the hands are to divine, the past may bear eternal depths as vast as to be turned, upon the motion in the light that journey will be termed.

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