Education can be double-edged sword

We all hail education, don’t we? We praise the merits of education and indeed education has tremendous value. It accounts for all the scientific and technological advancement in the world. We wouldn’t be where we are without education. No one can rightly dispute the value of education.

Yet, education can be a source of danger and a source of failure. It can destroy rather than build.It is commonly said the more learned we are, the more we become aware of the little we know; that there is so much we do not know. This is where the danger lies. It can lead to a loss of belief in oneself otherwise called self-confidence. It can lead to timidity.

Some of the most self-confident people I have met are people who never went to school. They are not timid. They are outspoken. This gives them an advantage over the learned ones who are not because of their consciousness of how little they know.

This is not to cast any doubt on the value of education , but to caution educated people to beware of losing their self-confidence, becoming timid and as a result, less performing.

No one can know everything. You have to be confident of the little you know. Also,in order not to lose your self-confidence, because of being conscious of the fact that you know very little, it is good always to master the little you know so that you can speak about it with certainty. Being sure of what you know, gives self-confidence.

What makes education even more dangerous is the use that some people make of it. We have all witnessed, I believe, what I want to call the diabolic use of education. We acquire knowledge through education but instead of using it to make life better for ourselves and others, we use it to make life worse for ourselves and others. Instead of using it to make the world a better place for all, we use it to make the world a hell for some.

What we do with our education thus makes it diabolic or angelic. We should not use it to create or promote evil in society but to eradicate it and make the world an excellent place for all.


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