Age fifty

When I was a little boy,
I thought fifty was many years;
I wondered if I would ever clog fifty;
Anyone who was fifty looked to me too old;
And I would tell myself if they died,
No one would miss them
As they had lived long enough;
Hardly did I know,
I would soon be right there;
It’s more than ten years since
I arrived;
Crossing the half-century line;
Today I look back at fifty,
And what I see is people who’ve
Just begun to live;
Can you guess how I feel myself?
That the moment is just ripe for me
To get the best out of life;
And also of course,
To offer the best I can;
And that is what I am doing;
I put in everything everyday,
To offer my best to the world;
That is my best way to get
The best from the world;
As I wait for the bells
Of heaven to toll for me;
When he that sent me here on mission
Wants me back home.

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