Finishing touches

Many people think it is only in their young days that they can do something great with their lives. This is not true.
If the start is important,
The end is also important;
If the floor is important,
The ceiling is also important;
If the foundation is important,
The roof is also important;
If to start is important;
To finish is also important;
If starting well is important,
Finishing well is also important.
Your youth is a great opportunity for you to build a solid foundation for a great life.Your old age, on its part, is a great opportunity for you to do a great finishing.

Both your youth and your old age are, therefore important and need to be well managed.If any of them is mismanaged or wasted, you will suffer the consequences.
Some people lay a solid foundation for their lives in their youth and consolidate it in middle life but fail to do finishing in old age.

This is comparable to laying a solid foundation for an edifice but using poor building material to construct the edifice and not giving the edifice the finishing that is required. It will not be surprising to find that coming down in a heap.

Spend your old age putting finishing touches to whatever life edifice you built along the years.

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