Not brilliant to deny

Some say there is no God;
How do such people reason?
They want proof before they believe;
Aren’t proofs galore?
Or they want first to see?
How they remind me of doubting Thomas!
What can the human eye see?
What can the human mind understand?
Life is full of mysteries hard to understand;
What we can see,or touch,
Nothing compared to what we cannot see;
And what we cannot touch;
You cannot see the air around you;
Can you?
And you cannot touch the air you breathe;
Isn’t it real?
You cannot see sound waves in the air
And you cannot touch sound waves in the air;
But aren’t they real?
The marvels of technology today
Are nothing compared to what is still to come;
And all that is nothing compared
To the Almighty Creator;
Call Him what you may,
There is a power mightier than us humans;
The world calls him God.
It’s not brilliant to deny.

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