Clap your hands and praise the Lord,

For his love is immeasurable,

Clap your hands and glorify his Name,

For his mercy endures forever,

Clap, clap, clap and dance.


Written by Guest Author for Success Inspirerts’ World

2 thoughts on “Clap

  1. Similar to ‘charity begins at home’ by clapping and worshipping at home you and many of us equip ourselves for this outside group involvement. I too love how the Psalms takes me through the activities and emotions of worship.

  2. Clapping to the music, and spontaneously is wonderful. I believe the Psalms are rich in telling how to worship God. If you list the action, you will see singing, clapping, dance, and joy shouting, and much shouting to Him. His name is often addressed, and many times what God has created, and done is told again. I love worship, and I love it to be spontaneous, and orderly. Several can do things, and others watch. For me, it took worship at home, in order for me to forget myself in a group. It worked.

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