Who likes to join our team? We are a winning team. Take advantage!

This site has a team of over sixty highly respected authors and great inspirers who are
passionate about inspiring others and pulling out the best from them.

If you have a passion for motivating, inspiring, and encouraging people, you are free to apply to join us. Apply to join in the comment box below.

If you also want more exposure for your blog in order to get more followers and readers, join the team here. We take pleasure in helping you grow in readership. Take advantage of this offer and grow your blog’s readership.

We are shining because we help others shine. When you help others shine, you shine!

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73 thoughts on “Who likes to join our team? We are a winning team. Take advantage!

  1. I thought I was already on this list. Isn’t there also another group called the success bloggers club or something like that? Will you tell me more about that group so I can decide which one I want to join. I remember from another post how you said they were twin groups.


    1. You are supposed to be here. It’s the same group with names changing. If your name is not there it should be a mistake somewhere. Then you let me know to add it.You can also be an author here if you send me your email. You can see the blog has grown with over 40 authors publishing on it.


  2. I’m in. Please add me back into this group. I sent my email address as you asked, but I haven’t heard from you. Please respond. If you do not want to add me back, please let me know that too with an explanation if possible. There is nothing wrong that I did is there? I don’t think I did anything wrong.


    1. Sorry if something went wrong. We want this to be a place of love and care and nobody should be left out. Probably you did not give a correct blog address. Give your blog url. You will be listed as soon as you do that. Have a great day.


        1. Hello! I really love to be an author on your site but the work on my site is overwhelming. Maybe when things are more organized and I have people to help out I will be able to offer guest blogging. Thanks for your invitation.


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  4. Kev

    Beautiful sentiments. If I wasn’t already overwhelmed with my own blog, I would offer, but as it stands, I wouldn’t want to let you down. I will however continue my support by visiting. 🙂


          1. That is so kind of you Sir. I am deeply touched. and yes, She is a great and beautiful soul, she did nominate me.. She is the reason of me being here.. had she not helped the way she did, I would have never been here.. 🙂 I simply adore her..


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