You will be in our Hearts forever Kalam Sir

(Six lessons from his life for teachers-students)

July 27, 2015, we were looking for yet another scintillating address by our beloved Kalam SirPresident Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam as he descended on the picturesque campus of Indian Institute of Management, Shillong. Alas, the script was different that day. The nation caught between disbelief and the inevitable was least prepared to accept what happened. As we pay our grateful homage to Kalam Sir, a year later, his memories fill our hearts with a million gratitude. RIP Kalam Sir.

Six learnings from Dr. Kalam’s life:

  1. Who says poverty stops you from achieving your dreams? You defied all odds, Kalam!
  2. Despondency is your enemy, equanimity a friend. He embraced the later.
  3. Working with the children is a privilege not bestowed on many. Seek it vigorously.
  4. His teachings were simple and touching. Effective communication does not require jargon and ideology.
  5. We all need a mentor in our lives, whatever station we are at. Equally, choose one to mentor and support.
  6. The love for nation lies in active participation in nation-building not in sloganeering.

The list is endless!! Our respectful homage!!

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