My prayer

The world is full of good people
O Lord;
Not just good people,
But excellent people;
Who want to see the world
And excellent place for all;
I find them everywhere
O Lord;
Good, kind, sweet people;
But it also has some evil people;
People whose hearts know no good;
People whose hearts are hardened;
People who want to see others suffer;
We find them everywhere;
And they are making the world
Such an evil place;
They are making the world unsafe;
They are making the world a hell;
We want a safe world for all
O Lord;
We want an excellent world
That everybody will enjoy;
The force of evil is strong;
Evil is aggressive;
Evil is brutal;
Evil is unsparing;
And we want to stop it;
The good people of the world
Do not want the evil that is
Consuming and destroying the world;
Help us to come together
And work like one person;
To build a wall of love and stop
Evil from consuming the world;
Grant us the grace to bring
All the good people of the world
To spread and promote love;
To build love walls everywhere,
To stop evil from consuming the world.
Grant us the grace O Lord,
To bring them together
One by one,
So that hand in gloves we can
Build a wall of love and good
To overcome evil in our world!


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