National costumes

Come see what the world wears, its all happening in London .  I would say at Celebrations and on Sundays are the times to see an array of beautiful costumes in London.  We have a wide diverse population, there are 270 nationalities, the variety of styles that can be seen as beautiful as it is culturally unique.  In their homes lots of people wear it to relax in .

We can’t help but turn to look at beautiful lady or an elegant gentleman or children dressed in their national costumes feeling proud and connecting with their heritage.  Compliments abound and national costumes have become sort after gifts of value.

Of course, each continent has many nations but I am not going to list each one.  In order not to bore everyone, I am going to group certain areas together and leave you to visualise, that the Western European wear of Top Hat and Tails and Pin-Stripe Trousers, Two or Three Piece Suits for men and the elaborate Gowns and Dresses bring out the oohs and aahs just like clothes of the different African, or Indian or Asian or Latin American or Eastern European or Oriental or Arabic and Indigenous Tribe Celebration Wear. Dress code apart, it is not unusual for a guest to wear a costume of the host’s country or any other national costume.  It is the feel-good factor at work.

Don’t take offence if you feel a nation should be mentioned specifically and I haven’t.  Yeah, this is a happy and celebratory post?  So when did you last wear your national costume?  For relaxing at home I wore an African print Kaftan.


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