Painting ’Madonna Of Love & Work’

Painting by Michel Montecrossa’Madonna Of Love & Work’

Description: ’Madonna Of Love & Work’, Mirapuri, 17th April 2013, acryl on double-canvas; 2 x 80 x 100cm

Copyright: All Michel Montecrossa Paintings, Drawings, Photography, Digital-Art, Art-Objects and Movies © Filmaur Multimedia

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“My art is Deep-Brain-Art evolving in unison with the pulse of time in the heart and vision of humanity.
Deep-Brain-Art is experience-art and brings to the front the revealed and creatively activated mystery of consciousness.
Deep-Brain-Art is one with the morphogenetic field of the people of the world to do them good.
Deep-Brain-Art is showing the experience of happiness, love, insight, wisdom and the smiling and indomitable creative joy of powerful peace.
The mission of my Deep-Brain-Art is to bring these future-oriented qualities to the awareness of the people all over the world.
For completing this cultural mission my Deep-Brain-Art paintings & drawings join forces with my music, books and movies to create a full-stream-of-consciousness event for an international audience. ..”

(Michel Montecrossa about his ‘DEEP BRAIN’ Art Exhibition)


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