Lies: They eat you up inside.

Apprehensive of the plot i’ve conceived,

the seeds i’ve sown,

the lies I’ve weaved.

I swallowed the guilt like a heavy tonic,

I pencilled over the stencil of truth,

a white lie won’t hurt you,

I say as butterflies line my stomach.

I fear the way my eyes betray me,

the tremors in my fingers,

as I open my mouth and let tumble forth,

the distorted reality that I wish you to believe.


4 thoughts on “Lies: They eat you up inside.

  1. Knowing you’re lying
    And not stopping yourself,
    You just are not trying,
    To live in good health.

    A lie tends to fester,
    Like a dirty open wound,
    That you pick at and pester,
    Making you feel like a goon.

    So stop being foolish,
    And don’t tell any lies,
    Then you life won’t be ghoulish,
    It will sing as truth flies.

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