Education’s priceless value

Education is of priceless value;
Play not with your education;
That is what will open doors for you;
None can make it without education;
If it’s not your education,
It’s another one’s education;
The bottom line is education;
It’s an indispensable tool,
That must come into play;
If you’re a pupil or student,
Play not with your education;
If you’re a parent,
Do the best you can
To get your kids in school;
Whether you’re a teacher
Or a school manager,
Yours is a big responsibility,
Handle it with care and love!


11 thoughts on “Education’s priceless value

  1. A Big thank you Sir. Some of us really get encouraged by persons like you. We are doing a most thankless work in the rural settings…some times get frustrated by the slow pace of progress of our literacy drive.

  2. Thanks Gabi. Am awakened to the idea of mentors, dead and living upon whose education i have built my destiny.#iron shapens iron#letting people light their candles from yours does not undermine it’s strength.#synergy#

  3. Education is a valuable tool, yes, but I would have to disagree that “none can make it without education.” School provides the step for children to step into reality without leaping into a world they have yet to learn about. There is another aspect of education, however, the wisdom arising from experience and lessons learned when not sitting at a desk, which opens one’s eyes to a wider knowledge-that of life.

    • You are right Gabi. One line says if it’s not your education that you must use, it is another one’s education. Here I was thinking of the many people around the world who are doing very well without having gone to school, but they cannot get on to the end without someone who has gone to school helping them. There is education that we use directly and education that we use indirectly when people render service to us from their education. As I said, the bottom line is education must come in, be it formal, informal or none formal. Thank you for spicing the conversation with your comment. I hope others will join.

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