Happy New School Year!

This is a special time not only for children and parents but for all stakeholders in education: teachers, school administrators and governments, especially those running the department of education.

Millions of kids and young people around the world are taking or have already taken the road to school.

In many countries, it is not an easy time for lots of parents. They do not have the required resources and have to make enormous sacrifices to sail through this period. To them I say “bravo!”

To teachers, school managers, principals, headteachers and other administrators, I say “thank you in advance for all that you will do this academic year for our kids and all others in school.”

Education is important and worth the effort.There can be no better gift from parents to children than the opportunity for a solid education. With quality education, one easily finds one’s way in life.

As the school year begins, we have one piece of advice to all young people in school and the stakeholders. You start negotiating for your success or the success of those entrusted to your care on day one of school. You don’t wait for day two. Start on day one to put in your best; and do not relent in your effort until the end.

Happy school year to all.


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