Come see a man cry

Have you ever seen a man crying?
Come see me cry;
Come see a stream of tears
Running down my cheeks;
A heavy down pour of rain
Flowing from my eyes;
Who can guess what aches my heart?
My love?
My love has turned her back on me;
And I have no love again:
I tried to call
But she will not pick my call;
I sent her a message;
She will not answer me;
It’s now I realize I pushed her to the wall;
But it seems too late for me;
Had I known,
I would have been a better spouse;
But what am I to do now;
Only my eyes can weep out the sorrow
In my heart.


7 thoughts on “Come see a man cry

  1. I made quietman cry. I loved him, but thought I had no chance. Thought he would never love me. I turned my back on him and walked out on him. The next time I saw him his eyes looked red around the rims. That was how he looked when he was sorrowful. I wish I could make it up to him. When I did see him again another time after that I explained some, but I still have more to say to him. I’ve been praying every day to be reunited.

    • At certain times in our lives we do things which we regret later. May those we hurt in one way or the other be ready to forgive those who have hurt them. Forgiveness is meant to help us overcome the pain of hurt and continue on a new footing.

  2. Thank you for liking my new post. Tears are the bless soothing and cleansing solution. If your poem is about yourself. I’m sorry to hear that. Big boys do cry. Big men do cry. Pray for your strength for the day, and pray for a better tomorrow. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Please come back again soon and would like your follow.

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