Labor Day – What Can You Do To Impact Labor Issues In Your Workplace? — Michael J. Fite

“Why labor on and accept the status quo in your workplace when you can speak up and promote change for the better?” -Michael J. Fite

For today’s inspiration, I want to share with you the history of Labor Day in the United States and understand some of the things you can do to impact the labor issues inside of your workplace. Bringing forth issues and change can be difficult when it can be frowned upon or met with opposition, but if nobody brings them up, the issues will remain and become larger over time. Take advantage of the resources available to you and use them in order to bring attention to the issue, have productive conversations, and find the solutions that will make your workplace a better place.

Remember that Labor Day reminds us that if we want to bring forth the issues that exists in our workplace, we have the power to bring it up and promote the change needed to have a lasting effect on today and tomorrow.

What can you do to impact labor issues in your workplace?

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Labor Day – What Can You Do To Impact Labor Issues In Your Workplace? — Michael J. Fite

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