Depression Lifting

My depression is lifting.

My soul begins to soar.

It’s time I was free to be me.

And not let myself become a bore.

I don’t want to bring everyone down.

I want to raise them up.

Thank God I feel so much better.

I praise thee oh Lord!


5 thoughts on “Depression Lifting

  1. quietwoman

    Great for you! You know, I suffered from depression for many years and finally realized it was because I was not doing what God wanted me to. The doctors try and cure it with a pill, put you on medication when all the time it was a heart problem. God wants us to love him and love our fellow man. And since I didn’t understand that, what God wanted me to do, I was trapped in disbelief that God loved me, thinking He had rejected me and excluded me from his plan to redeem mankind through his son Jesus. It just takes more than a belief in God, god wants us to change. And when I understood this, my depression lifted too.

    God Bless You!

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