My love unexpectedly came back

She left me on a Thursday in the month of September, 2011, without a clue of where she had gone. That was five years ago and it threw me into indescribable agony.
I worried about her safety. I wondered whether she had been kidnapped; whether she had run off with another man and whether at all she was alive.

We had been deeply in love and she had been ideally faithful to me. She would not do anything to hurt me.

Just yesterday I told myself that I had waited enough and took the decision to forget the past and move forward with my life. To my greatest disbelief, when I opened my door this morning, on a Thursday, in the same month of September, behold, she was sitting outside, saying she had come home for good, asking that I forgive her and take her back. I have not said a word to her.

It is clear that she ran off with another man. Please, give me your advice. What am I to do? Forgive and accept her back or ask her to go back to where she is coming from? We have a girl of ten.


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  1. If you love her, if you can forgive her, if you can learn to let her past not be your baggage into the future, then maybe it’s worth a shot. But only if it’s something you really want to try. You hold the cards in this matter, not her. And trust is something that will have to be earned. And for you to heal from this, I would get every single detail about why she left and where she went, so that you can make a full decision.

    • Thank you for your sound advice. For why she left, our romance went to sleep; having gone up so high, it dropped to what she considered unacceptable low; and what was worse, she saw a gentleman who promised her all the love she was no longer getting from me as I was caught up by pursuing my career and looking for a comfortable position. After five years with the fellow, she was more disillusioned than it had been the case with me. She was bitter and tempted to jump into another train but ruled it out for she said she feared it could be worse. The best option she thought was the man she had first known and loved. At that time also she saw mostly the good things we had done together; and again, our little girl.

  2. I clearly understand where you are coming from. I’m experiencing something similar to what you are confronted with at this moment with my ex-husband. All I would suggest is for you to first pray on it and after praying and seeking God for clarity find the time to have a conversation with her express your feelings (in a calm demeanor that is). Lastly, no matter what you decide to do the well-being of your daughter should be your number one priority. Best of luck and God bless!

  3. A country song comes to mind..a couple…one about 4 hungry children; the other says, “…if this is Austin”…a couple things I’d at…age/maturity…was drugs involved? If she’s young she might have some flight left…if she’s a druggie she might fall off the wagon…a 3rd well does she handle stress? Love is awesome and that 10yr is learning from you…me personally I’d “forgive and forget” BUT with the clear understanding that she disappears again the door stays closed…she’d be breaking 2 hearts the if she runs off again

  4. She left you once how sure are you she won’t do it again?
    I always say if you love me enough then you wouldn’t leave me in the first place.
    For better for worse you should never walk out on someone.
    Deep down you want to take her back but remember you might incredibly be hurt the second time. Think twice.

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