Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #11

Thank you all for enjoying these Top of the Elevenses/Brunch posts.   I hope it has been helping you eat even more healthier because this is what has been happening with me.  I haven’t gone to buy any specific items, I use what we have in the fridge and cupboards from our weekly shopping.  The items on my shopping list or or rather our family shopping list has change over the years.

When children are grown up and doing the shopping too, there’s variety of things they like to eat, the variety does grow.  Sometimes, its not the best variety because they can go for the ready-made foods that their palate likes.  On the other hand our children and grand children whom the media  or society has named Generation Y and Generation X or Millennials and post-Millennials have  among them are those who choose to be Vegetarians, Vegans or Pescetarians.

All in all, understanding the dietary choices made creates harmony in the household.  No one should think it can be difficult for some cultures to accept a change in dietary preference.  When everyone appreciates what is available and tries what is presented by each person, then advice can be given if more food types within their dietary choice is needed to achieve a balanced diet. Bon Appetit!

What did I have today?  Multi-seeded Bread, Cheese, Lentil Chips, Cashew Nuts, Grapes, a slice of Homemade Chocolate Cake  and a glass of warm Water.

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