America’s first king or first female President?

America may soon have her first king;
Or first female president;
By the end of the day on November 8, 2016,
The world will know if the US will have
A president or a king;
Whatever the outcome of the elections,
History shall be made;
The US shall either have
The first female President,
Or the first King;
Who knows what I am talking about?
And what do you think the world will be
If the US becomes a kingdom?


20 thoughts on “America’s first king or first female President?

    • Lynn: if it makes you feel any better, President Obama has only issued 242 executive orders (as of June 1). That’s the least amount of executive orders for a 2-term US President since Grant. Ronald Reagan signed 381. George W. 291. There are a number of single-term presidents who’ve also used that power more than Obama

      • Did he act within or outside the law? That is the crux of the matter. If the law says he can sign executive orders without giving a limit, then he cannot be accused of dictatorship if he signs even many in one day. A dictator is a leader who breaks the law to do what he/she likes.

        • Mr. Romanus – Executive orders are de facto within the law. It is a privilege of the office of the President, with the caveat that all orders must be based on legitimate statutory or constitutional authority. If an executive order does not meet that threshold it can be declared unconstitutional and unenforceable (as happened to President Clinton earlier).

          So really, that is not “the crux of the matter”, as executive orders are legal, and have been used by every US president since George Washington. That power was established for the Executive Branch right from the founding of our country. This is in no way a component of a dictatorship. It is established United States law for for almost 250 years.

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