Appeal! appeal! appeal!

Are you participating in the Solidarity Support challenge? Some participants are not happy with the way some of us are going about this challenge. They complain that some participants are not regular, thus making the challenge not to enjoy the success that is is intended to enjoy.

We are making a strong appeal. If you are on the list of participants, please, do the best you can to do the challenge as required.  It’s just five blogs to visit a day; and week ends have been left out.

Anyway, I have confidence in all the members of our community. We are people of integrity who know what it means to give our word. We do not promise to do what we will not do. I know it might just be too many commitments; but let us do our best so that the bloggers of the day can really feel our impact.

We value people and do not want anyone to leave us but if you really cannot make it, do not go silently. Let us know so that we can remove your name from the list.

Continue to be sweet, loving friends. I hope to see a remarkable improvement. LOL!


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