Favoritism in the Workplace and Forgiviness

My name is Shandra with shandraeats.com.


It’s everywhere you go,

It’s in the family,

In the workplace,

even at church/ministry.

If we’re honest with ourselves favoritism is a sign of rejection of celebration other people’s achievements then you and over exaggerating them, but according to biblereasons.com favoritism is also a sin ( scripture reference is James 2:8-9)

Favoritism can also cause division. To be honest I have that lately in my workplace and I feel betrayed in a huge way. I’m going to ask the Lord to work in my heart and mind because I feel so isolated right now.

My encouragement to everyone who feel like an outsider is to ask the Lord to help you with your heart even if they are hurting you on purpose.

Stay strong and be encouraged in the Lord!


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