How Can You Be Like The Sandwich? — Michael J. Fite

“You and a sandwich have four things in common. First, you can have as many layers as you want. Second, you can look as good as you appear. Third, you can sound as good as people describe you. Fourth, you can taste as good as you want to somebody’s taste buds.” -Michael J. Fite

For today’s inspiration, I want to share with you how you can be just like the sandwich that you either make or eat. You and your favorite sandwich have a lot more in common than you may think and know. Just like the gas that fulfills your gas tank, when your sandwich tries to fulfill your hunger, you will be filled and satisfied.

Remember that you and the sandwich may differ in ingredients, but when you both are made the right way, you can leave a beautiful taste and memory in the mouth and mind of the person who partakes in you both.

How can you be like the sandwich?

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How Can You Be Like The Sandwich? — Michael J. Fite

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